Current and recent curatorial projects


Currently taking place at Op. Cit. Foundation, Mexico City.

Cosmofagia is a research, creation and dissemination initiative organized around hospitality as departing principe and work ethic. Fracturing the conventions of curatorial work, where artistic processes are articulated to narratives, groupings or trajectories, Cosmofagia promotes a hybrid structure, where participants can transform the way in which different subjectivities are articulated. The project seeks to foster the formation of a community of collective work and exchange of artistic, scientific and cultural knowledge, based in Mexico City, and nourished by local and international actors.

Organized in collaboration with Op. Cit. Foundation, Cosmofagia proposes a program oriented to multiple communities, where exhibition, publication, education and public events are mixed as an integrated work front. These resources are offered to the participating artists so that they are the ones who define the direction of the project, with the permanent accompaniment and support from the curator. These resources are offered to the participating artists so that they are the ones who define the direction of the project, with the permanent accompaniment and support from the curator.

Participating artists include: Miriam Simun, Alison Nguyen, Juan Covelli, Sofia de Grenade.



Multiple Venues
Museums managed by the National Bank of Colombia in Bogota.

Nuevos Nombres is a national survey of emerging art that takes place every five years in the museums of the Colombian National Bank. In this edition, it took place as a full scale intervention of five museum collections, their architecture, and their digital infrastructure, rupturing the traditional presentation of the small-scale salon format that was traditionally offered to young artists. The project was presented in three cumulative cycles over the course of two years; new artists were introduced in each cycle and were invited to respond, not only to the curatorial prompt, but also to the existing interventions from previous cycles. Many of the works of Nuevos Nombres 2017-2019 were subsequently introduced to the National Bank collection and some remained as permanent interventions.

Participating artists include: Snyder Moreno, Matilde Guerrero, Juan Pablo Pacheco, David Medina, María Leguízamo, Henry Palacio.

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Never Spoken Again: RoGUe Stories of Science and Collections

Multiple Venues, USA
Currently on view at the Fleming Museum of Art, VT

This is a project that seeks to untangle the contested histories of creating modern artistic, anthropological and scientific collections, by means of artistic projects that propose critiques on the museum display as a narrative device, on the procurement of cultural artifacts, and on the monolithic forms of knowledge that enabled current collection practices. It plays with historical fiction to put into question the coloniality and violence of both extractive processes and their ripple effects, while inviting alternative readings of objects and collections through the introduction of interpretations coming from different epistemological traditions.

Never Spoken Again is produced by Independent Curators International and is touring different museums in the US between 2020 and 2025.

Participating artists include: Morehshin Allahyari, Carlos Motta, Michael Rakowitz, Maria Theresa Alves, Alia Farid, Sofia de Grenade.

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LA Times Media Center, Pasadena, CA and other locations

This curatorial initiative was organized as a series of single channel videoprograms by different guest curators from around the world. My purpose increating such a format was to enable the widespread disseminationshowcase of contemporary art in a format that would allow internationalartists and curators to present their work in spaces and locations otherwiseunavailable to them. For this purpose, I invited the curators to reflect on theidea of regionalism and locality, to see how creations from specific regionswould configure their intellectual universe through their differentexperiences, which ranged between the hyper-local and the trans-national.

Participating artists include: Laura Huertas Millan, Claudia Joskowicz, Juan Manuel Echavarria, Carlos Guzman, Felipe Steinberg.


Multiple Venues
Next Stop: Mexico City, Fall 2024

This is a multi-year collaboration between artists in Mexico and the United States. Pairing artists from each side of the border, the project follows, facilitates and displays the experience of exchange and creation between the artists, highlighting the process and softening the hard edges of authorship. Where You Left Off is structured as two consecutive one-year cycles, where the artists collaborate over a few months, and the process of collaboration is open to the public via a series of digital events, screenings and presentations, leading to a physical exhibition at the end of each cycle.

In April and May 2023, the first exhibition was installed at Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia, culminating the first year of the collaborations. Later, a series of written curatorial reactions were published as digital expansions on the project’s website. The process will continue for another year, and a final exhibition is planned to take place in Mexico City, in the spring of 2024.

Co-curated with Tally de Orellana

Participating artists include: Sisi Chen, Ulrik Lopez, Yael Eban, Chantal Peñalosa, Lorena Mal, Alex Paik, Aurora Noreña, Aura Arreola.

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